Based buster coin

(the ticker is $BSTR)

A governmeme coin for

the based and the furious

BSTR Token

$BSTR Coin

In homage to Paul Walker, and his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise, we introduce $BSTR. His nickname “Buster” was a brotherly jab from Dom, acknowledging their adversarial past and eventual acceptance into the family.

The perfect analogy to $BSTRs lifecycle design as a cut-throat memecoin, and its inevitable transition to a governance token for our coming RWA platform tokenizing investment-grade JDM vehicles.

Releasing soon on the Base network! Airdrop and token-launch date TBA. We suggest you sign up for early access and follow us on X to stay ahead of the curve.


Designed with all the memecoin mechanics that power the top performing shitcoins. $BSTR is built for speed, gnarly price action, and a white-knuckle ride. If you’ve got the balls to hang on, it might just mature into the stable provider you can bring home to mama. 

1B Tokens

Total Supply

1% / 1%

Drift Tax

LP Locked

Unlocks in 12mo


  • 25% / Airdrops & Rewards (250M)
  • 20% / DEX Liquidity (200M)
  • 15% / Team* (150M)
  • 10% / DAO Treasury (100M)
  • 10% / Marketing (100M)
  • 10% / Team Growth Fund* (100M)
  • 10% / CEX Reserves (100M)

*12 mo vesting allocations

Drift Tax

Based Buster Coin will include a transparent “drift tax” on all transactions (A nod to the term for the insane price appreciation of JDM cars.)

This tax will be collected in the paired LP token, Ether, and programmatically sent to the project wallet for distribution across operations, the treasury, and charity.

Use of Funds

Reach Out Worldwide
The Paul Walker Foundation

How to Buy

1/Get Wallet

Download and set up a Web3 wallet for your browser.
We suggest:


2/Buy ETH

Purchase some ETH, or transfer it to your wallet.

Many web3 wallets now allow you to buy crypto directly in-app. Or use your favorite on-ramp like 

Be aware that some exchanges don’t allow you to transfer freshly bought crypto immediately. 


Move your ETH to the Base network. MetaMask allows you to bridge within the wallet.

Or use one of the following bridges:




Go to the BSTR/WETH trading pool on Uniswap and place your order.  

The Based and the Degenerate Memes

Stage 1: $BSTR COIN

Right off the starting line, DRVN/VHCLS will enter the market fast and furious with our “governmeme” token. Based Buster Coin (the ticker is $BSTR) will rally the automotive web3 community and tech savvy JDM enthusiasts behind a memecoin that pays respect to motoring culture.

Stage 2: DRVN DAO

With our core community formed, and our treasury ready for deployment, $BSTR will be ready to level up. Holders will enter our inner-circle, where they can vote on the selection and the fate of the vehicles we will acquire. What will be added to our collection and what will be prepared for its next owner?


Each investment vehicle we acquire will be tokenized according to its chosen fate, and the fractional shares made available for those who want to become a part of its history. Whether stored or sold, shareholders will earn a stable ROI on each car and enjoy the ultimate hedge on inflation. Like phygital gold… On wheels.

Web3 Partners

Torque Squad


Why Base Network?
We’ve got 4 very good reasons.

1. The memecoin meta on Base is strong

2. Crazy liquidity is currently flowing onto Base

3. Base is positioned to be the top network for RWA projects

4. Its affiliation with Coinbase means their network effect is gonna be unparalleled

Is the Contract Renounced?
The Based Buster Coin contract is securely managed by the dev. This allows us to update the tax recipient contract to take advantage of more efficient tax routing in the future.

The only functions that can be changed are the tax recipient, the tax amount, and renounced status. Tax amount will never be changed without giving the community ample notice first.

The contract is NOT mintable.

We may choose to renounce the contract in the future if the DRVN DAO determines it is in our long-term interest.

You can inspect the contract yourself on Basescan at

Why is the LP Locked, Not Burned?
Unlike most memecoins that are positioned for quick traction over long-term market making, the $BSTR team is choosing to lock the LP in a smart contract for 12 months.

This will allow us to better manage our LP and expand to other DEXs that may result in improved volume or user advantages/rewards.

Prior to the LP being unlocked the DRVN DAO will vote on whether to relock it, or open new trading pools on additional DEXs.

Sign up for updates on $BSTR, and everything DRVN Labo is rolling out.

CA: 0x2a3F48Af62ce71c8829aA014c482B4bCFF2b8975

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